Radio interview with Roger Ressmeyer

Solutions to the world’s seven biggest problems

A Radio Interview with Roger Ressmeyer, executive director and producer for the Visions of Tomorrow Foundation, by CJ Liu, talk show host for The Sky Radio by CBS.

Why are viable solutions to the world’s biggest problems (such as climate change, overpopulation, war, disease, and poverty) not being implemented?  Can changing our individual attitudes be the key to unleashing these proven solutions?



  • SEGMENT 1 : The Visions of Tomorrow film — a message of hope.  Hear about the film’s genesis from director/producer Roger Ressmeyer, and why he’s grateful that he was diagnosed with diabetes at age 13.
  • SEGMENT 2 : Thoughts Become Things — How the barrage of fear-based news and entertainment media globally influence the planet’s collective consciousness, negatively impacting everyone’s ability to act.  Roger shares an insider’s perspective.
  • SEGMENT 3 : Scientific Solutions — Why are viable solutions to the world’s biggest problems often unknown to the public? Maybe, like Roger, you will move from protesting nuclear energy to becoming a proponent of the next generation … which promises far safer, nuclear-waste-eliminating, 100x more efficient reactors that can help heal global warming.
  • SEGMENT 4 :  Spirituality & Science — Roger describes celebrated scientists and spiritual leaders he’s interviewed, and how combining the evolution of global consciousness with positive solutions can and will heal the planet for our children’s children’s children.