Producer’s Story

Roger Ressmeyer – Visions of Tomorrow™ – Television Mini-Series

 Roger Ressmeyer by Natalie Fobes Roger Ressmeyer is the Producer of the Visions of Tomorrow™ television mini-series and transmedia project, now in development. He is also the founder and executive director of the Visions of Tomorrow Foundation™.

Ressmeyer is a world renowned photographer, filmmaker, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, and digital rights pioneer defending the rights of visual artists. His acclaimed Starlight Collection of over a half-million images taken while on assignment for National Geographic Magazine and other publications (including rare images obtained through privileged access to NASA projects), became the first major acquisition by Bill Gates’ Corbis Corporation.

He has served as VP, Strategy & Corporate Development for Getty Images, as President of PACA, the Picture Archive Counsel of America, and as Chief Executive Officer of Science Faction Images.  

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