About the Film

Visions of Tomorrow is a documentary film and transmedia project focused on solutions to the world’s greatest problems including climate change, overpopulation, resource depletion, disease, poverty, war, mass extinctions and humankind’s resistance to change. Now in development. Produced by Roger Ressmeyer, Executive Director, Visions of Tomorrow Foundation.™

Producer Roger Ressmeyer interviews writer/philosopher Mike Dooley.

From an interview with Producer Roger Ressmeyer:

“In our new documentary titled Visions of Tomorrow™, we show that the pervading despair about our global problems is not only a waste of time, but also destructive. There’s a much better way to see things.

"With the aid of scientific and spiritual visionaries from around the world, Visions of Tomorrow™ seeks to prove and then display in a visually glorious way, that global solutions to the world’s biggest problems already exist. The starting point is hope. With hope, we see solutions to Earth’s biggest problems… and can bring them to life.

"In my life I’ve documented everything from space exploration to new energy sources, medical breakthroughs and volcanoes and have talked with some of the world’s most renowned scientists, engineers and futurists.

The bottom line is that in general, they believe a better future is not only vitally necessary, but achievable. They see that solutions exist for our planet’s problems. This is what drives me to spread a message about the power of innovation, and I hope this mini-series will be a catalyst for more creative, scientific and spiritual explorations of what’s possible. And most importantly, empower us all to take action, starting with the positive perspective that empowers positive change.”